Having worked for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies before, I have worked with many different people hailing from around the world, each of them with their own working styles, personal preferences, and unique quirks. It is perfectly normal to prefer to work with certain people over others for a variety of reasons; maybe their work habits are similar to yours, maybe they drink the same kind of coffee, or maybe you just happen click with them on a personal level.

In my experience, however, there exists a special breed of co-worker that everyone wants to work with, someone who is more than just smart or capable or experienced, but who is simply a pleasure to work with. If you know someone who fits such a description, chances are, they have the following traits:

They Are Clear and Timely Communicators

Clear communicators should be seen as the lubricant that keeps the gears of a company going. They help prevent misunderstandings, distinguish necessary actions from value-added ones, and—when they are particularly gifted—inspire positive change. This is because clear communicators are very often also very clear thinkers. Therefore, when you work with a clear communicator, you can be assured that there is someone on your side who can help you light the way forward.

What is truly a pleasure, however, is working with someone who communicates clearly with a good understanding of how it might affect the timeline of a project or a task. These are people who can accurately identify what needs to be communicated immediately and then acts accordingly with the commensurate urgency required.

They are thus able to drive action and ensure that everyone is kept up to date with how a project or a task is progressing.

They Are Accountable

There is nothing more disheartening than working with someone who does not take personal accountability for their work or their actions. Which is why it is always such a pleasure to work with someone who does because you know then that you’re working with someone who is credible, responsible and serious about the work that they do.

These are also people who are able to go far in their chosen fields; their ability to own both their failures and successes often drives them to work hard and succeed in what they do and they often draw a lot of respect from their teammates, their managers, and their collaborators. They also make good leaders by virtue of being brave enough to make decisions or to take, and manage, a degree of risk.

They Share Knowledge Freely

There is a big difference between having a colleague who constantly says, “How can you not know this?” and one who consistently says, “I can help teach you this.” Colleagues who belong to the latter category know that when they help one person in their team grow or learn, the whole team will benefit.

This becomes especially helpful when they happen to be more experienced or highly trained in any area.

Moreover, they are often the ones who constantly update themselves with the latest knowledge or who can at least point you to resources for you to do the same.

They Keep Their Minds Open 

The best colleagues are those open to new and out-of-the-box ideas, knowledge, or solutions; instead of shooting down or ruling out suggestions, they like to tweak, improve, or build upon what others come up with.

These are often the people who push the boundaries of what is possible. Instead of a scarcity mindset that limits their perspective with thoughts such as “I have limited resources so I can’t do this” or something similar, they approach new ideas with a can-do attitude that asks ,”How can I use what I have to achieve this?”

Simply put, by being able to dream bigger, imagine better, and think harder, they’re able to achieve more.

Beyond just looking for someone in your workplace or company who exhibits these traits however, you should perhaps reflect if you are someone your colleagues would describe as a great colleague to work with. Do you believe you are open-minded and accountable for your work? Do you communicate well and on time? Are you helping your colleagues, especially those who are less experienced, find their footing?

Stop looking for great colleagues and become one yourself today!

About the Author:

Angeline V. Teo is the President and Chief Consultant of PEPWorldwide (Asia) Pte. Ltd. She is also an International Speaker, certified Master PEP Consultant, Executive Coach and Author. Above all, she is a caring Mother of two, a loving Wife, filial Daughter and avid Spa and Vacation addict!

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