Over 1.8 million professionals have benefited from the Personal Efficiency Program

Kerry Gleeson developed the PEP® Program in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984. The program and methodologies are described in his book “Personal Efficiency Program – How to get organized to do more work in less time,” which has sold over one million copies worldwide.

Founded in 1984, The PEP Worldwide, which owns the PEP program, is an international network of 26 offices spanning three continents. From inception, the aim of every PEP office is to remain at the forefront of business trends and excel at tailoring unique solutions to fit each individual market, while taking cultural considerations into account.

PEP was originally developed for Svenska Handelsbanken, one of Sweden’s largest banks. The “Do It Now” philosophy and easy-to-follow, hands-on methodology of the program produced remarkable results at a very early stage. Its popularity enabled PEPWorldwide to penetrate the corporate market in many countries.