We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our programs and services. Over the years, it is fair to say that we have changed the lives of many people – knowledge workers at every level of organizations, from the very top down.

We have worked with CEOs and their teams as well as with operational teams from further down the organization chart.

Many of our participants experience remarkable results, while almost all achieve solid and quantifiable gains to work efficiency and effectiveness.

People often send us testimonials. We would like to share excerpts from some of them with you:

PEP has helped me to manage my time better through proper management of my inbox. Through PEP, I also learned how to plan ahead by using my weekly and daily reviews. The tools have really helped us to complete one of our real time projects successfully in a short period of time. Overall, after attending this program, I feel that if we use the tools that we have learned and apply it to our daily work, it will really help us to be more efficient and productive at the workplace.”

General Manager,


“We have seen how the merits of PEP have taken shape to other company. So we have organized all our IT team attends this training and following up on it immediately. From then on, I have been using the time-savings scheme generated by PEP for people development. To lead in the industry, it is necessary to have top quality talents who do the right things consistently- all the time. PEP aims in maximizing teams’ productivity which results in an improved delivery of corporate strategies as a whole.”

BT Senior Manager,

China, Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd, Beijing

It’s been great for me and for the people in my office. My desk looks better now, much more organized. Day 1 really benefits me in terms of clearing all the stuff away, get more organized, more focused. Day 2 is beneficial in terms of what do I need to focus on, how to make sure I can spend my time doing what I need to do as opposed to doing the stuff that frustrates me. So I feel in control, less stressed. And I said to my colleague that everybody in this office needs to do it, so that we can work as a team together.

Trade Commissioner,

NZTE China

“I’ve always accepted a full “crazy’ working schedule as part of the job that I do. PEP has helped me to effectively manage my very hectic daily schedule and enable me to focus on what is important. This has set a good pace for the entire team and enabled us to be a lot more effective and focussed on our deliverables. We are also a lot more respecting of people’s time and work is so much more fun.”

Marketing Director,

Fonterra Brands Malaysia

Thank you Angeline and we all look forward to the next sessions. Most of us have changed some of their bad habits that sabotage our energy and the quality of our work/balance. Its a journey. Each small pearl that we learn is a gem that we take with us on this journey. I think the team is getting better every day at mastering the DO IT NOW concept. Thank you.

Country President,


“My desk previously was stuck up with lots of papers and folders everywhere. Now it’s cleared and it allows me to focus, since now my filing system works out, my in-tray works out. It seems to be simple thing, but when you put into practice, it makes a big difference. Now I got better clarity of thought, I can delegate things faster and more efficiently now. I feel more in control, less stressed.

It has a tremendous effect on my productivity and efficiency, so I’d like to recommend this to my staff and the managers working with me so they can understand the new way of doing things.”

Vice President,

Information Services, Starhub Singapore

“By adopting the ‘Do it now’ mindset, I feel more in control, less overwhelmed and much happier. I can do more with less time. Last but not least, I would like to thank the consultants so much for their enthusiasm and inspiration. I also learnt how to maintain my physical and mental health. So, I am ready to take on more tasks!”

Regulatory Affairs Team Member,

Novartis Vietnam