Beyond The Consultancy

PEPWorldwide Asia is passionate about helping individuals succeed beyond just PEP. We periodically hold events open to the global public

– fostered around discussing modern business insights, industry specific issues & ideas, advancing thought-leadership and many more!


2nd OCTOBER, 2019 – 1 Session Only

Are You in Control… It can be challenging for modern-day professionals to safeguard personal health and wellbeing while also pursuing career aspirations. It can be even more challenging for those leading teams, departments, or entire corporations. If you’re a leader interested in making an impactful difference for the people in your care, or an executive wanting to prevent yourself from burning out, this session might just be for you.

*Limited Seats Available.


DAY 1 – 7th NOVEMBER, 2019

DAY 2 – 5th DECEMBER, 2019

Sharpen your management and executive skills through dynamic exchanges of highly interactive discussions facilitated by our Chief Consultant. ElitePEP Masterclasses will help executives manage today’s workplace and life challenges of dealing with the V3’s: Volume; Velocity; and Variability. 

Adversity To Victory!

9th NOVEMBER, 2019

“Adversity to Victory!” features four entrepreneurs who each struggled with life-changing challenges, got back on their feet, and are now thriving in their respective fields. 

Each topic serves to cover a key challenge that everyone will experience in some shape or form in their lives as well as discuss strategies and perspectives that builds a person’s capacity to withstand and emerge from such circumstances victoriously.

*More information coming soon!

Global PEP Summit 2020

6th JULY, 2020 — 10th JULY, 2020

Global PEP Summit (GPS) 2020 is a bi-annual gathering of the World’s Top Consultants in workplace productivity, personal efficiency, and workflow management. Held in Asia for the very first time in PEPWorldwide’s 35-year history, GPS 2020 promises exclusive insight into the high-performing corporate work cultures of some of the world’s most valuable companies operating in some of the world’s most rapidly growing economies.

*More information coming soon!

PEP Productivity Awards 

Nominations Opening Soon!

PEPWorldwide Asia’s inaugural PEP Productivity Awards will recognise companies, organisations and leaders that put their people and talents at the centre of their organisational growth strategy and those who continually champion productivity at the workplace.

Nominations close 30th SEPTEMBER, 2019

*More information coming soon!