At Adversity To Victory, You Will Learn How To:

Reframe your mindset to be able to transform any real life adversity into victory

Build mental toughness and resilience to tackle major life setbacks

Be inspired by the success stories and comebacks of our diverse speaker keynotes

Recognise your inner strength and build the courage to count on it

What is Adversity To Victory about?

A series of keynotes and forums conceptualised with the struggling working professional in mind, “Adversity to Victory!” features four entrepreneurs who each struggled with life-changing challenges, got back on their feet, and are now thriving in their respective fields.  Each topic serves to cover a key challenge that everyone will experience in some shape or form in their lives as well as discuss strategies and perspectives that builds a person’s capacity to withstand and emerge from such circumstances victoriously.


Angeline V. Teo
President of PEPWorldwide Asia, Managing Director of d’Oz International, International Speaker, Chief Consultant, Coach and Author

Andrew Chow
Professional Speaker, Trainer, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, and Media and Marketing Guru

Christian Chua
International Speaker
7-time Author, and Body Language Expert

Wong Yu Jin
Former Lawyer turned
Award-Winning Motivational Speaker, Founder of HealthPro Holdings, and Certified Mental Toughness Expert


Angeline V. Teo

The Workplace Doctor

Having co-written with well-known success gurus such as Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Angeline brings a Singaporean female perspective on global corporate issues, challenges, and their solutions.

Known as The Workplace Doctor, she has a passion for both business and people, believing that the human element is key to achieving and maintaining success.


Keynote Title:

“Where Do I Begin?”


Based on her autobiography, “Where Do I Begin?” is an honest and revealing account of an ordinary woman’s extraordinary journey from grief and heartache to self-discovery and triumph. Angeline’s true account of her life’s adversities has inspired many men and women across the globe, igniting the fire of determination and resilience many did not know they possessed when going through major life changes. Also widely known as “The Workplace Doctor”, Angeline continues to inspire many with her indomitable spirit and unwavering faith, embracing all that life has to offer.

Andrew Chow

Media and Marketing Guru

Andrew Chow is always known to enjoy life to the fullest. As an entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, consultant, and thought leader, he transitioned between 5 different careers and businesses within 30 years while writing 4 books and speaking in almost 20 countries.                                                                        

He was going at full steam until he was hit with a mild stroke which thankfully gave him time to reflect and re-align his life.


Keynote Title:

“A Stroke of Gratitude”


Everyone feels like they are Superman when at the peak of health. While climbing corporate ladders and building wealth quickly may give us a sense of satisfaction and achievement, are they really worth your personal health and wellbeing? Lean in to Andrew’s keynote as he shares why we must not wait for a health crisis to serve as a wake-up call.

Christian Chua

Body Language Expert

Christian’s career spans over a decade. He is well respected for his expertise in Human behavior transformation, change management, people skills, sales motivation, communication, and life strategies.

He has been featured in the media regularly, from the radio, television and the Internet to magazines and newspapers. His articles have been published in The Straits Times and other periodicals.


Keynote Title:

“Resilience During Financial Setbacks”


Everyone has faced some form of financial setback at some point in their lives. Enduring financial troubles is often painful, not just for the people involved but for those counting on them; their spouses, their parents, and their children. Without sound strategies to cope with such adversities, such problems can spiral out of control. Success Coach, Christian Chua will speak on how you can handle such crises to emerge victorious.

Wong Yu Jin

Mental Toughness Expert

As a former lawyer and investment banker working 16-hour days, Yu Jin brings real-world experience and examples that empowers, engages and enlightens.

This former TV show host has been featured numerous times on radio, newspapers, and magazines for his expertise in mental toughness and motivation. His work has earned him numerous awards. He was also featured on the cover of Men’s Health.


Keynote Title:

“Unlock Your Potential”


Through a flowing storyline interspaced with lessons, Yu Jin will narrate his tumultuous journey from being at the height of the corporate world as a successful lawyer and investment banker to burning out and trying his luck in the world of entrepreneurship. He lost his life savings, borrowed hundreds of thousands, lost all of it and along with it, his wife and his health. He tells of his tale of alcoholism, depression and ultimately a failed suicide attempt.

Who is the event for?

Everyone and anyone interested in discovering actionable strategies for overcoming real life adversities, including:

  • Executives and Professionals on the verge of burnout
  • Employees feeling overwhelmed by work, life, and health challenges
  • New professionals hoping to better plan their career and life paths
  • Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Manpower Specialists and Human Resource Professionals


*Why donate any additional amount? It will help us help more people! Apart from ticket fees helping us cover event costs, keeping our entry fees as low as possible will ensure more people are able to benefit from the event. All donations will help us make future Adversity To Victory events even more accessible to individuals and families who might not otherwise be able to afford them. We sincerely thank you for your support!

Our Mission

Building a Platform

Providing a platform for veteran Asian entrepreneurs to share their experience, expertise and strategies for overcoming adversities, particularly in areas:

  • Overcoming Emotional Upheavals
  • Recovery From a Major Illness 
  • Facing Financial Setbacks
  • Cultivating Mental Toughness

Sounding the Alarm

Generate awareness for some of the most pressing challenges being faced by the workforce AND some possible solutions for:

  • Increasing rates of Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress-related Issues in the corporate arena
  • Rising incidences of Health-related Problems among young corporate professionals
  • Persistent and Unsustainable High Rates of Attrition in some sectors, roles and career pathways

Sharing Resilience-Building Strategies

Sharing strategies and solutions for:

  • Building psychological and mental resilience in the face of obstacles
  • Practical and applicable strategies for dealing with different life challenges
  • Achieving and proactively managing work-life harmony
  • Developing clear, holistic plans for managing stress, career and life advancement

Adveristy To Victory is proudly brought to you by D’oz International Pte. Ltd and PEPWorldwide Asia Pte. Ltd