In just 2 Days, you will:

Gain an Extra 2 hours a day to be Productive, not “Busy”

Regain Control and Clarity of your work

Be Empowered with Proven Methods to Help You Perform at Your Peak

What is ElitePEP?

Facilitated by our Chief Consultant, Angeline V. Teo, ElitePEP sessions gather Executive Heads, Managing Directors, and Senior Management of some of the most notable corporations and businesses in the region to sharpen everyone’s management and executive skills.

Through dynamic exchanges and highly interactive discussions, ElitePEP Masterclasses will help executives manage today’s workplace and life challenges of dealing with the V3’s: Volume, Velocity and Variability of work.

Why is ElitePEP important?

A good workplace is a healthy workplace. The workplace should be a place where all workers, both employers and employees, are able to carry out their work duties efficiently and effectively. Every individual should be responsible in carrying out their job professionally to the best of their abilities, while maintaining productivity in generating profit to the department and organisation they belong to.

Unfortunately for many, the workplace can become a place where workers suffer unnecessary occupational stress as a result of a multitude of possible issues. These issues range from poor workflow management, lack of support, overtime culture, inadequate coaching and training to perform key tasks, lack of control and clarity of job scopes, poor organisational skills, poor worklife harmony, unestablished chain of commands, lack of feedback, poor workplace culture and many other combinations of issues that are unique to each organisation. These common issues result in high occupational stress that can become detrimental to personal health and workplace productivity.

ElitePEP can help prevent this. 

Who is ElitePEP for?

ElitePEP is specially tailored to benefit both new appointees and veteran office holders alike, backed by a philosophy that believes in Peaking Everyone’s Performance. Our 2 Day ElitePEP program will be customised based on issues specific to your workplace, curated for professionals who are committed to perform effectively in today’s fast-paced working environments.

Not sure if ElitePEP is right for you?
Contact us at communications@pepworldwideasia.com to discuss your eligibility.

Did you know?

According to a study conducted by AIA analysing countries in the Asia-Pacific, an average of 70.3 working days are lost annually per employee. In Malaysia, that productivity loss stands at 73.1 working days lost per employee annually, with 50.2% of Malaysians surveyed facing at least one-dimension of work related stress.

Evidently, this is due to poor worklife management where a significant number of individuals are experiencing burnout due to high stress, poor diets, seditary lifestyles and lack of sleep. This leads to high levels of anxiety and mental fatigue, costing employers resources and money while the quality of life and performance levels of workers deteriorate.

ElitePEP is the solution for safeguarding your people.