PEP Extension Programs

PEP Extension Programs are follow-up sessions designed to provide precise solutions to specific workplace requirements. Whether you are looking to maintain a culture of wellness within your organisation, looking to develop specific individuals or department teams, or require in-depth solutions for complex challenges – PEPWorldwide Asia has the multi-faceted solution for you and your people.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life.

Aimed at helping companies create or maintain a culture of wellness, PEPWorldwide Asia offers HealthPEP; a practical, research-based program that contextualises personal health and wellbeing as key components of workplace efficiency and productivity, to drive greater job satisfaction, boost employee morale and facilitate a healthy and sustainable workforce.

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One-On-Ones Exclusively for Leaders.

Most Senior Executives are already high-performing individuals who are looking for an edge towards reaching their fullest potential. ExecutivePEP offers select high-performing executives to benefit from a personalised, one-on-one partnership with a highly accredited Master PEP Consultant that will help executives pinpoint roadblocks and customise solutions towards achieving strategic objectives through optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

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Big Impact for C-Suite Elites.

Facilitated by our Chief Consultant, ElitePEP sessions gather the executive heads, managing directors, and senior management of some the most notable corporations and businesses in the region to sharpen their management and executive skills. Through dynamic exchanges and highly interactive discussions, ElitePEP masterclasses will empower its attendees to refine and reenergise the strategic and management imperatives of their respective organisations. ElitePEP is specially tailored to benefit both new appointees and veteran office holders alike, backed by a philosophy that believes in peaking everyone’s performance.

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Peaking Profits, Saving Time.

Do you want more time to invest in your top clients and prospects? Have you missed major sales opportunities due to a lack of capacity to manage increasing demands? Have you struggled to meet and exceed your sales targets for the past few quarters? If you answered “yes” to any of the previous statements, then SalesPEP is the game-changing solution for you.

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Succeed in the Life You Live.

Struggling to make time for the things in life that truly matter? LifePEP is a lifeline for high-performance professionals seeking to manage success in both their professional and personal pursuits, helping them to achieve the kind of work-life harmony that seems so elusive to so many.

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Tailored for Tomorrow’s Workforce.

Struggling to integrate fresh graduates into the work rhythms of your company? YouthPEP is specifically tailored to orientate and equip fresh graduates or entry-level staff, typically between the ages of 18 to 30, with the right tools, principles, and mindset to excel in their roles. YouthPEP will help new executives to work effectively and efficiently by arming them with the skills, tools and mindset required to excel within your organisation.

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Move Ahead with PEP.

Whether it’s the opening of a new office, a refurbishment or fully shifting a company’s headquarters to a brand new building, MovePEP is for companies on the move looking to pair a change in premises with a change within.

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Maintaining PEP Habits for Success.

Success and productivity are both continuous processes and in recognition of that, we provide past PEP participants with MaintainPEP, which revisits and reviews key PEP Principles for those who have already benefited from our other programs. This refresher enables us to keep track of your progress and further reinforce PEP’s key strategies, such as its emphasis on work organisation, work habits and the application of PEP Tools. This helps past PEP participants to continue delivering and accomplishing results!

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Coaching Clinic
Real Issues, Real-Time Solutions.

At PEPWorldwide Asia, we understand the complexities of workplace challenges executives face daily; there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to the solutions we provide. PEP’s Coaching Clinic is designed to pair your people with qualified and experienced executive coaches to provide solutions for some of the most pressing problems and issues they are facing. This is perfect for executives and businesses that need multi-faceted solutions to complex workplace and life challenges.

Download a pdf outline of PEP’s CoachingClinic

Can’t find a program or outcome you’re looking for?

Simply e-mail us directly at communications@pepworldwideasia.com and we will be happy to customise a solution for you.