Executive Efficiency and Productivity Coaching (ExecPEP)


Complementing our widely acclaimed Personal Efficiency Program (PEP), execPEP is a specialised, coaching-based program which covers the specific productivity issues confronting today’s executives, including:
  • How to free up time to focus on strategy, not just operations
  • Examining workflow and creating more time for high-return activities
  • The executive/assistant relationship and encouraging maximum efficiency when working with direct reports
  • Using technology to work smarter, not harder
  • Prioritising, delegating and effective staff management
  • Working styles and managing workflows and workloads


ExecPEP participants learn to:
  • get more done
  • work more efficiently with an executive team and their direct reports
  • manage projects and delegated work to free them to work on their own objectives
  • plan months in advance to ensure that the work done each day helps them to achieve their strategic goals and objectives
  • more easily manage the day to day flow of paper and electronic information, and
  • store and retrieve information so they and their assistant can access and use it.

Structure and Modules

ExecPEP comprises three one-on-one coaching sessions over 2-3 months plus unlimited email and phone coaching:

Session 1

  • Deals with workplace organization both paper and electronic. The PEP coach helps the executive to implement the PEP principles.
  • Focuses on work habits, workflow management and best-practice approaches.
  • There is a two to three week interval before the next session.

Session 2

  • Introduces principles of effectiveness.
  • Looks at the executive’s commitments and work schedule and shows how to focus on strategic objectives on a daily/weekly basis.
  • There is a two to three week interval before the next session.

Session 3

  • To review the past two sessions and implement new tools/techniques for the next quarter

Particular emphasis is placed in developing habits to maximize time being spent on the most important aspects of the executives role, and to help them regain control of their work and time.

*Download an outline of ExecPEP