Follow-up Sessions


MaintainPEP is a one-day session which is conducted three to six months after the program. It consists of three main parts in a day, supported by intensive individual and group coaching to enhance the understanding and application of the PEP Principles and PEP Tools.

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Coaching Clinic

Our Coaching and Counseling clinic is being run by a team of accredited and extensively-trained coaches who are adept in dealing and providing solutions to workplace issues and challenges.

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Aimed at creating a culture of health within the organization, HealthPEP is a suite of wellness programs intended to enhance productivity, improve job satisfaction and boost employee’s morale.

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Effective salespeople know that sales aren’t just made from behind the desk – it’s about interaction with the customers!  Our salesPEP programme cuts out the time salespeople spend behind their desk by two hours per week.  This allows for more face time with customers and ultimately increased sales performance.

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Emails can feel like an endless interruption, especially when most of us have never been taught effective methods to process them. ePEP coaches participants on how to effectively handle increasing volumes of incoming emails and other digital information feeds.

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High Payback Meeting

Many people spend more than half their time at work in meetings – which are insufficiently prepared and without an agenda. A lot of time can be spent on issues that lead to a dead end. As a result the priorities that need to be covered never get tackled.

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The program simplifies your move and creates efficient working methods right from the start in your new premises. You’ll free up your time, boost your concentration and reduce stress.

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Team Action Planning

Team Action Planning is a program for team leaders who use PEP and feel that the department, project team or management group needs to improve team coordination for better results.

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