VirtualPEP Suite

If your business or company is struggling to adapt to alternative working arrangements or the increasing number of teams and executives working remotely, then PEPWorldwide Asia has the answer! As an award-winning corporate development consultancy with over 35 years of experience, we are proud to present our VirtualPEP Suite, a range of online solutions tailored especially for executives and teams working outside their offices.

What programs are part of the VirtualPEP Suite?


OnlinePEP comprises of six 3-hour sessions presented over 12 to 15 weeks. OnlinePEP seamlessly adapts the Personal Efficiency Program into an online method of delivery. It helps executives to increase their efficiency and productivity, as well as shows them how to translate their gains into effectiveness. It’s unique delivery method and structure ensures that participants can apply what they have learnt immediately to their current and future projects.


RemotePEP comprises of two 6-hour sessions presented over 4 weeks, tailored for employees who are struggling in their transition to working outside the office, whether in their homes or in remote locations, we heavily recommend RemotePEP. This unique solution helps executives based outside the office to monitor and increase their productivity and effectiveness by applying practical principles and techniques in their daily routines.

Skills Express

Skills Express features a series of 1.5-hour sessions delivered by a subject matter expert on specific topics or subjects of your choice! Whether you would like your employees to expand their knowledge on stress management, work organisation, or communication skills, Skills Express can deliver on any topic.

In Conversation with Angeline

For anyone who has ever wanted to pick the brains of PEPWorldwide Asia’s President and Chief Consultant Angeline V. Teo, this is your opportunity! Delivered in 45-minute blocks, participants will be able to discuss pertinent matters related to professional challenges and personal issues with an award-winning executive coach, author, and international speaker who has over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. 

HealthPEP Online

HealthPEP Online adapts our popular HealthPEP Program into a concise 1.5-hour session delivered online and offers up-to-date and relevant health information. This is a must-have for companies looking to build a culture of wellness at the workplace as well as for executives who would like to take back control of their physical and mental health.

Virtual Coaching

Busy leaders and executives who will benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with an award-winning executive coach can choose Virtual Coaching. This is a flexible solution for those who need the perspective, expertise, and experience of a seasoned corporate professional to help broaden their outlook, particularly those aiming to cultivate a high-performance mindset, achieve work-life-family harmony, and lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Download a pdf outline of our VirtualPEP Suite

What systems and platforms are used to run VirtualPEP sessions?

We understand each organisation may have strict policies around which systems and platforms employees are allowed to use due to security reasons. Depending on the number of participants registered for each session, your organisational or personal requirements and the type of online session selected, our VirtualPEP Consultants will work with you to provide a recommended list of secure delivery options that suit your requirements.

For more information, simply e-mail us directly at communications@pepworldwideasia.com

We’ll be happy to assist you in customising precise solutions for your organisation.