• Before the end of your workday make a plan for tomorrow identifying your most important tasks/projects and key objectives.
  • Institute PEP®’s 60/50™ Meeting Rule. All 60-minute meetings will last only 50 minutes. All 30-minute meetings will last only 20 minutes. 60/50™ can recover 3.5± weeks per year, per person, of valuable time
  • No Scroll Bar in your Inbox at the end of the work day.
    Embrace the Digital Revolution, but put chaos in order by embracing the PEP® principals.
  • Have a day of rest after the work week when you take a break from electronic messaging, even for an evening, and enjoy in gratitude and restfulness the good things in your life.
  • When writing an email “wear the shoes” of the receiver & make sure you have a clear Subject Line.
  • Set your system to open in Calendar mode first, not email.
    Dedicate the first 45 minutes of your day to a Major Priority before opening email.
  • Rotate taking and distributing meeting notes and follow-up actions among team members.
  • Slow down! Make time to plan and think – it leads to a more fluid approach to work activity.
  • Identify when you are most productive during the day, have the best focus, energy and attention, then plan your priority tasks and activities at this time.
  • Get more rest – go to sleep an hour earlier.
  • Set “Me Time” to reflect and act on the important high-value work each day.
  • Respect your own time as you respect the time of others.
  • Do the Worst Thing First every day and enjoy the feeling of not procrastinating.
  • Do not multitask— It Wastes your Time, Decreases Focus & Creates Stress.