These days, most of us have SMART phones where we can update our activities on our electronic calendars. Do you still use written planners or the calendar on your phone? PEP advocates the efficient usage of our calendars to have work-life balance. Calendars, as most people use it, are to record all our appointments with others. However, calendars are more than our appointment registry, it can be used to allocate our work load as well as to book our “ME” time. What is “ME” time?
“Me” time is simply time spent alone, for yourself, with yourself.
All of us need time alone, it is not just for the introverts who may be stereotyped to be the ones needing lots of “ME” time – where they draw energy from being alone. On the contrary, extroverts need “Me” time just as much. Time alone is a source of happiness, we need to make sure we schedule ourselves in and have “meetings with ourselves” and not merely fill our calendars to fulfil other peoples needs. We need time with ourselves to recharge, to reflect or to do things that you simply want to do.
Be serious about showing up for each “meeting” with yourself that you have scheduled in your calendars and use your “Me” time to:
1) Exercise alone as you reflect on your day and get in-tuned with your body
2) Play an instrument or learn a new one
3) Read a book or watch some television
4) Learn a new language, a dance or a new hobby
5) Reflect on the past week and plan on next week activities
6) Count your blessings for the week and give thanks
7) Catch-up on sleep to rest and recover
8) Go for a trip alone
9)   Explore new hiking trails or places you’ve never been to in your city
10) Make some art! Draw, paint, colour and express yourself! It is essential that we are individuals before we are a couple and/or a family.
Have time for yourself, enrich your life experiences so as to better connect, interact and prevent any potential burnouts. Remember, ME time is an essential part of giving yourself the time to breathe.
CONTRIBUTED BY: Judy Han is a PEP Facilitator with PEPWorldwide Asia Pte Ltd. She has over 23 years of experience wearing various hats in the Corporate world from Procurement, IT, Quality to Teaching. She was a company in-house SAP consultant, developing business solutions, support and SAP training for large users’ base span across the globe. Judy has also held positions as a Direct Procurement Manager, Program Manager and Part-time VITB Lecturer. Judy holds a degree in Business and Management Studies, Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Diploma in Industrial Engineering and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).