Angeline V. Teo

President & Chief Consultant

Angeline V. Teo is the President of PEPWorldwide (Asia) Pte. Ltd, a professional learning and development solutions provider. Behind her many ventures in life is a passion for people, a passion that continues to drive her to this day.

As the Chief Consultant and Coach of PEP (Personal Efficiency Program), she has helped multinational organisations and their employees to Peak Everyone’s Performance. Throughout the years as an executive and personal coach, she has gained valuable knowledge and insights of life at the workplace and her perspective has been invaluable to those under her mentorship. 

She upholds the importance of striking a balance between Work and Life.  A proficient public speaker, she shares with her audience best practices to help them stay in control and to be happy in a motivational and interactive manner. She believes that S.P.A.M (Stay Positively Active and Motivated) is the right formula to succeed in one’s personal and professional life.

Angeline holds a Master of Science Degree in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde (U.K.). She is a certified Work-Life Coach and a Career Coach with Work Life Asia. She has qualifications in International Marketing, Management, Business and Coaching. She is affiliated with Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, IBT International, PEPWorldwide, Worklife Asia, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing in U.K.

She has acquired a wealth of experience in the international markets working with diverse cultures, and managed collaborations with government agencies and MNCs in various industries like FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceutical, shipping and transportation, government agencies and institutions, education, oil and gas, hospitality and tourism among many others. She has gained experience and exposure in the areas of organisational development and change management with major airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Qantas and British Airways.

She has over thirty years of experience in the areas of Management, Sales, Marketing, Distribution, E-Commerce, Training, Business, Consultancy and Coaching.

Angeline V. Teo’s Book Publications

Discover Your Inner Strength

by Brian Tracy, Angeline V. Teo, Ken Blanchard, and Stephen Covey

Discover Your Inner Strength is the tool that can help you do just that – discover your inner strength. The authors in this book have been chosen because they are specialists in their fields. They know what it means to dig deep to find their inner strength and achieve the success they now enjoy. Each interview in this anthology will give you valuable resources and knowledge about how to find your own inner strength.

Angeline is featured as the one and only Asian to co-author with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy in this book, published by Insight Publishing in the U.S.

Extreme Excellence

by Angeline V. Teo and America’s Top 10 Performance Experts

Extreme Excellence is a dynamic book of interviews showcasing the unique perspectives of successful businesspeople. The authors bring refreshingly different ideas of what excellence means to them and how they achieved it. They also share practical tools that will help you implement their strategies.

Angeline is the one and only Asian to be featured in this book which was published by International Speakers Network in the U.S.

Stepping Stones to Success

by Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Angeline V. Teo, and Dr. Denis Waitley

Stepping Stones to Success is a must read for those who want to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers of our time. Between the covers of this book you will learn exciting new ideas about how to enrich your personal and work life. The experts included in this book will help you discover the infinite possibilities that await you as you continue your life’s journey.

Selected from a global search to be featured in the book, Stepping Stones to Success, has been a highly successful book series published in Tennessee by Insight Publishing.

Where Do I Begin?

by Angeline V. Teo

Where Do I Begin? is an honest and revealing account of Angeline V. Teo’s journey from grief and heartache to self-discovery. Beneath her vibrant and positive exterior lies a determined woman who has weathered personal and public storms to emerge stronger than ever. Angeline continues to inspire many with her indomitable spirit and unwavering faith, embracing all that life has to give her.