Dr. Douglas Tran

PEP Facilitator

Douglas is a PEP Facilitator with PEPWorldwide Asia Pte Ltd. He has over 15 years working and consulting experience in the HR field with both renowned multinational companies (BHP Petroleum, British American Tobacco, PepsiCo International) and renowned Vietnamese companies (Thien Long Pen Co., Trung Nguyen Corp.) to align the company’s human capital with its business strategies. He has over 2 years of working experience in England, Australia, and the USA. He is currently Chief Operation Officer of a pharmacy retail chains in Ho Chi Minh City.

Douglas was the Co-founder and the first Chair of AmCham’s HR Committee back in the year 2000. He proactively participates in the HR and businessmen communities keeping himself updated with the trend while making his contributions via useful projects such as the AmCham scholarship, lobbying for the VN-US bilateral trade agreement from the labor perspective, representing FDI’s to comment on the Labor Code and the Tax Ordinance of Vietnam.

Wherever he worked or consulted, Douglas always left behind long-lasting HR tools, procedures and policies which both the Employee and the Employer found relevant, user-friendly and fruitful.

Douglas believes that all organizations have the unlimited potential to succeed and excel in what they do, and all what they need is the right key to unlock the unlimited human capability that lies within each individual of the organization.