Lena Teo

Master PEP Consultant

Lena is an accredited Master PEP Consultant with d’Oz International to deliver PEP (Personal Efficiency Program) in Asia Pacific.

She has over 20 years of corporate experience in the OEM industry. Prior to being a consultant and trainer, Lena has held various senior management positions such as Senior Marketing Manager, Corporate Marketing Director, Material Director and Vice President Asia Pacific in multi-national organizations. She was based in Kansas, USA for 2 years as Vice President of Newer Technologies Inc., and she was in-charge of Asia Pacific Channel Distribution.

She had consultancy and training experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, China, USA and Switzerland, working with multi-nationals and government institutions such as A*Star, Institute of High Performance Computing, Elsevier, National Trade Union Congress, Johnson and Johnson, Fonterra, Zimmer, Novartis, Miltrade Technologies, Alliance Medical Group, Mtech Imaging, West Admiralty Prison, Selarang District Park, Changi Prison, to name a few.

Lena is one of the pioneers in Singapore that has conducted the Work Skill Training Programme and Self-Employment Training Programme for the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and National Trade Union Congress. She was an invited guest speaker for organisations such as Biz-Bridge Asia, Hewlett- Packard, Periyor Mandram Executive Committee, Indian Activity Executive Committee and Bukit Batok Community as well as interviewed by international media in areas pertaining to mental health and mental wellness. Lena is also the approved clinical supervisor to Master degree students from various universities.

A founding member of the International Associations of Master Trainers, Lena holds the following academic qualification as well accreditation.

Academic Qualifications
MSc. IO Psychology; (USA);
M. HRM; (USA);
M. Counselling (Australia)
PGDip Clinical Psychology; (Australia);
M.NHR (Switzerland);
Dip. Clinical supervision (CCC, S’pore)
CTRT practitioner; certified practicum supervisor
EMDR master Level practitioner
BBA Mktg (UK); Dip DFT (USA).

M.S’pore Psychological Society
Registered Clinical Counsellor, SAC
Registered Clinical Supervisor, SACNeuro Hypnotic Repatterning™ Master and several other Diplomas relating to Sales and Marketing.