William Chan

PEP Facilitator

William is an accredited PEP Facilitator with PEPWorldwide Asia Pte Ltd. He has more than 15 years of experience as an educator and people developer. He has served with the Ministry of Education (Singapore), contributing to the professional development of educators. Since 2014, William has been working closely with educational institutions in China and Jakarta in the areas of organisational development and workplace academic and non-academic competencies.

William is effectively bilingual and has conducted training in both English and Mandarin. He has been instrumental in developing knowledge and competencies to help working adults and youths in Singapore to engage China.

‘While I Live, I Learn’ – William has the undying passion to contribute to pre-employment training and continual adult training. He firmly believes that all individuals and organisations possess unlimited potential to be successful and such potential can be unlocked.

William has just completed his doctorate studies with the research focus area in workplace learning.