Multinational Company (Banking/Financial Institution)

Our Personal Efficiency Program enable a leading bank to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their senior staff. Learning our faster and smarter ways to work creates huge gains in productivity for the Multinational organisation.

“I’ve never known a training programme that has made such a positive difference to so many people in the wider team.”


  • Staff surveys show an 61% improvement in employees’ utilization of their time effectively on work
  • There have been huge gains in productivity as a result of streamlining work processes
  • There’s been a substantial reduction in stress.

The Challenge

The regional management was concerned that its middle managers were becoming bogged down in detail, and working harder than they needed to.

The client’s management implemented the Personal Efficiency Program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their senior staff. They were concerned about the number of meetings that were occurring, as well as the amount of time wasted by them trying to find information – both paper and electronic, feeling overwhelmed with meeting tight deadlines and managing multiple projects.

Our Solution

PEP’s most successful clients come from widely different sectors, both public and private. They are characterized by an organizational-wide commitment to our programs, their eagerness to invest in their people, a desire to see measurable and sustainable results from this investment and a link to their business strategy.

We implemented to the first middle managers the three-day PEP program. The aim of the session was to help these executives to be in control, be organized and to manage their work effectively and focus on important operational and strategic deliverables. We also targeted bad work habits that sabotage their efficiency levels.

The Outcome

Overall, the staff members are becoming more proactive in utilizing their time effectively on work that is important as indicated in the 61% improvement on “Planning your work”.

Improvements in the areas of

  • Efficiency (24.58)
  • Effective use of time (25.88)
  • Reduction of stress levels by 26.08% also proves that people feeling happier and are more in control over their workload.