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Concrete Architecture

Our Values


We help executives regain clarity on what is most important to them: their passions, their people, their purpose, and their pursuit of excellence. We believe that what a person prioritizes tells us what kind of person they are.


We are action-biased, taking proactive steps to deliver success for our beneficiaries. We believe that knowledge is only valuable when used and acted upon, and that the only road to progress is consistent learning, application, and improvement.


We deliver success and value to our partners and beneficiaries. We believe that success does not have to look the same for everyone, and that it can be measured by more than one metric and should always be celebrated.


Our Purpose

We believe in Peaking Executives' Performance, and that everyone deserves a happier, healthier, and more productive way to work.​ We aim to empower people with PEP principles, tools, and expertise to help them take back control of their work, their success, and their lives.

Our History

In 1984, Kerry Gleeson developed workload management strategies for the executives of one of Sweden’s largest banks, with the aim of making them more efficient, effective, and successful with what resources they had, with the ultimate aim of achieving a healthy work-life balance. This intervention—praised for being practical, applicable, and helpful for organisations who want to improve efficiency and productivity—became known as The Personal Efficiency Program®. 


The Personal Efficiency Program® gained a massive following and PEPWorldwide was incorporated with the aim of making this life-changing behavioural modification program accessible to executives all around the world. PEPWorldwide now has 26 offices around the globe. 


PEPWorldwide Asia started in 2002 and has since grown into the award-winning learning and development consultancy it is now. Headquartered in Singapore, its key focus lies in talent development strategy, learning & development consultancy, strategic planning facilitation, strategic leadership development, and executive development solutions. Up to date, over 2 million professionals, executives, managers, directors, and C-suite office holders worldwide from well over a thousand companies have benefited from PEP programs, including senior leaders and executives from some of the world’s best known and fastest growing multinational corporations.

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