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Strategic Facilitation Interventions

Grow Your Business

Our Facilitators will work with your leaders to define clear objectives, outcomes, and needs of your session. They will utilise the appropriate Thinking, Decision-Making and Leadership Tools to stimulate discussion and engagement with your teams.

Our Strategic Facilitation interventions can be further enriched and complemented by a range of other solutions we can offer your teams, depending on your needs and goals.

A more detailed outline is available upon request*

The Personal Efficiency Programme (PEP)

The Personal Efficiency Program develops the skills of efficiency (getting things done with the least amount of effort) and effectiveness (concentrating effort on doing the right things) both in an individual and on organisational context.

PEP helps to improve efficiency and productivity of office workers to develop the skills necessary to ensure the daily, weekly, and ongoing activities support their objectives and activities, project and key result areas, and reflect the mission, vision and business goals of their organisation.

A more detailed outline is available upon request*


PEP2Work is a program for young professionals and youths looking to build personal efficiency, enhance effectiveness, build impactful relationships, and build confidence in themselves. Suitable for undergraduates, fresh graduates, and aspiring professionals looking to build a solid base for their career ambitions. A customised version is available for youths, known as YouthPEP.

Based on 4 Pillars:

  • Self Mastery

  • People Management

  • Work Execution

  • Career & Personal Growth

Suit and Tie

A more detailed outline is available upon request*

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AVPEP Simulation Game

At AVPEP Limited, individuals are encouraged to actively participate in role-playing as designated characters, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable atmosphere within a secure environment. Colleagues are invited to engage in friendly competition, creating a positive and dynamic workplace culture.  The organization emphasizes skill development and mastery enhancement based on the PEP Mastery Framework, encouraging intentional upskilling. Participants gain insight into the significance of intentional upskilling in both skills and mastery levels.  AVPEP Limited promotes a holistic approach to life, encouraging individuals to balance various facets, including work, health, relationships, and recreation. This comprehensive approach contributes to the overall well-being and fulfillment of its workforce.

A more detailed outline is available upon request*

Executive Coaching 

Our Coaches are experienced, accredited, and boast an extensive range of qualifications.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach; each solution is tailored for individual coach-ees.

Our Coaches have access to a range of other tools and interventions to build upon the progress of individual coach-ees for further development and growth.

A more detailed outline is available upon request*

Customised Solutions

It is common in today’s dynamic business landscape for further gaps and needs to be identified while executing a company-wide change management or transformation plan.

In such a case, PEPWorldwide Asia would be happy to work with partners and clients to tailor further solutions and interventions as needed.

Some past examples include Presentation Skills Workshops to groom effective communicators, as well as HealthPEP for company wellness and wellbeing initiatives.

Let's Talk

 We’d love to discuss the ways PEP can partner with your business.

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